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My name is Knut, and I do freelance 2D animation work!
Here's my showreel on youtube:…

Thanks for visiting my page!
Commissions-header by kittyninjafish


I'm open for commissions! At the moment I'm in a bit of an economic pickle, and very thankful for commissions :)

How To:

Send me a note on deviantArt or an email to, describing what you want (example under).
I've listed a few commission types, but if you've got something else in mind, I'm all ears!


-I'll send you a sketch to approve before I finish the work.
-Pay with PayPal, I'll send a invoice over email (If you live in Norway, PayPal adds 25% in taxes).
-Please link me to references of characters and stuff.
-I prefer not to draw: Complex robots, sexual or gore themes.
-Tell me if you want the drawing in a specific size and orientation. It won't affect prices.

-You can use the commission for any personal or commercial use, and I can use it for my portfolio.
-I'll send you the full size picture (And the Photoshop file if you want it).
-I'll post a smaller version to my gallery, with a "Commissioned by [deviantArt name]" watermark in a corner.
-For Flash commissions, I'll send you the .swf file and preview image, so you can upload it yourself if you want. Just credit me in the description.

Commission Types:

-30 USD
-Full character with colored outlines, smooth shading and simple/rough background.
-Drawn with rough textured brush.
McFish by kittyninjafish  Nids Birthday by kittyninjafish

-40 USD
-Like above, but without outlines!
Super by kittyninjafish

-20 USD
-Like above, but with outlines and flat, hardedged shading!
Fanart - Yubaba by kittyninjafish

-40 USD
-Drag-and-drop dressup game, with one character and 10 items of your choice!
-Flat style, details will be simplified.
-A character with 10 items of your choice.
-To humanoid characters, I prefer to add non-removable underwear ;)
Dressup game - Suup by kittyninjafish  Dressup game - Tosk by kittyninjafish  Dressup game Commission - Wally by kittyninjafish

-30 USD for a list of 100 entries, then +10 USD for every 100 more. (Big lists will take time to load)
-(Poké)Dex with your pictures! Have you got a list of characters and drawings of them? I'll put them together in an interactive dex!
-I'll keep the layout the same as in my Pokédex example, but I can change the color and design.
-It won't have the "Whooo's That Pokémon" mode.
-I'll place the pictures so they fill the square window, while showing as much of the character as possible.
-Send a list of all the names, their images, and how you want the dex to look.
Fan Pokedex by kittyninjafish

Example commission mail/note: (feel free to use as template if you like)

Subject: Commission

Name/Username: Ola Normann

Mail address PayPal invoice will be sent to:

Commission type: Dressup

Character name and description/personality: My character is called Felice, she's got long limbs, short temper and often a haunted look.

Link to reference: www.imagesite/picture_of_felice.png

Here's the items I'd like for the dressup game: (List of 10 items, with references for the specific ones)

Questions, comments? I might've forgotten something : p


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